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Easier done, than said.

A Personal Experience

The Power Of Play

Designed For You


experience as a meaningful gift

It’s evident I am passionate about crafting transformational journeys for audiences; through the practice of planning the emotional and affective at the center of something designed around you. I invite you to take this journey with me, both in practice and impact, by allowing me to build a short experience that makes all these words moot. Each portfolio contains a code & a prompt that will be the foundation of a little something just for you. 


How personal does it have to be? 

Depending on how deep you choose to go into the prompt; and even in the experience itself—you never have to do anything you don’t want to. All of your responses, and history of your experience, will be kept strictly confidential. 



Build — Meaning


Despite the most meticulous design; the one factor that can rarely be accounted accurately is the audience. While I’m seeking to hone and improve my practice, I enjoy building moments for people. Each expression will be wildly different; but it has the potential to be extra special.  

How do I start if I don’t have a code?

Send me an email. I promise I don’t bite.

And if I have a code?

Click here.


I may not have the capacity to craft an experience for everyone. All reasons will be because of me, and not you—and I won’t ghost you. I hope that if you do participate, you might indulge me in providing some impressions & opportunities in a pretty-short structured interview.